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Love God. Love my wife. Love Texas. Love life.

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Vincent Harris Discusses Facebook, Donald Trump and Internet Freedom

Watch CEO Vincent Harris argue with liberals on Facebook’s proposed ban on “fake news”, Donald Trump’s use of digital, and Internet Freedom on France24.

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WATCH: Vincent Harris at Pepperdine University’s Election 2.016 Discussion

CEO Vincent Harris joined Pepperdine University’s Election 2.016 to discuss how social media has changed the American Election Cycle.

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Vincent Harris quoted on Business Insider, ‘In breathless U.S. election, Twitter generates buzz not cash’

Vincent Harris, an Austin-based digital strategist who has worked for U.S. Senator Rand Paul and does some work for Trump,

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Vincent Harris Quoted on NPR, “Trump’s latest hot property: his campaign database”

The Trump campaign has built a huge data operation — social media, fundraising — that could be deployed in any number of ways after the election.

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Vincent Harris is quoted in article ‘Trump small-donor army a double-edged sword for GOP’

“If there’s a way to convert the hatred of Hillary Clinton, should she win, and continue fundraising off of it … that’s one of the only characteristics of these donors that will be transferable to the committees and to candidates running in the future,” Harris said.

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