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Love God. Love my wife. Love Texas. Love life.

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Vincent Harris quoted in article ‘Live from Trump Tower, it’s Trump TV’

“The model of Trump campaign producing their own news and news content will be replicated,” GOP digital strategist Vincent Harris tweeted. “It’s where campaigns are headed.”

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Vincent Harris quoted on, Brilliant: Conservative group recreates “Hillary’s Inbox”

The conservative nonprofit advocacy group, Secure America Now, has launched an interactive parody site of Hillary Clinton’s email inbox.

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Vincent Harris Quoted in Buzzfeed on Conservative Group Launches “Hillary’s Inbox” Parody Website

“The website will be backed by a six-figure online advertising buy in swing states across the country, said Vincent Harris, an adviser to the group….”

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Watch: Vincent Harris | Google Consumer Surveys

Our CEO is talking from beautiful Pepperdine University about a digital survey Harris Media just completed using Google Consumer Surveys.

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Vincent Harris quoted in article ‘Trump mounts efforts to woo Florida Hispanics’

Vincent Harris, a conservative strategist and communications expert, worked with the Trump campaign earlier in the year, as well as for Trump’s competitors in the Republican primaries. He says it was wedge issues such as the wall and his statements on Muslims that won him the nomination.

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