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Love God. Love my wife. Love Texas. Love life.

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CEO Vincent Harris Quoted In The Straits Times Article: Social media ‘can be a bane and a boon in politics’

As social media gradually takes over a bigger share of political communication and discourse, the jury is still out on what this will do to the overall quality of discussion.

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Vincent Harris Speaks on a panel at The Asian Conference for Political Communications

Our CEO Vincent Harris speaks at The Asian Conference for Political Communications in Singapore on September 3, 2017.

“Voters are not fools and we should not limit ourselves and limit our fellow citizens because we think we know what is best for them, that is authoritarianism.”

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Vincent Harris Quoted in Washington Post: “Google spent the most it ever has trying to influence Washington”

“While these policies have little affect on the nuts and bolts of Silicon Valley’s businesses, they show the political chasm and tightrope that must be walked between this administration the the Valley,” said Vincent Harris

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Vincent Harris Quoted in Campaigns & Elections: “Consultants grapple with early vote ad strategy”

CEO Vincent Harris is quoted in Campaigns & Elections in an article about consultants grappling with early vote ad strategy.

“On the Portman [Senate] campaign last year, we saw a 600-percent increase in search related to the opioid issue in the state after the campaign ran display advertisements to a segment of the population around the topic,”

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Vincent Harris is CEO of Harris Media, a digital agency of over 45 creative consultants, and served as Chief Digital Strategist for Senator Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign.

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