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Vincent Harris is the Founder and CEO of Harris Media and has worked on the digital side of three Presidential races. He was named the youngest “Rising Star” in Politics by Campaigns & Elections Magazine and Bloomberg recently profiled Vincent, dubbing him “The man who invented the Republican Internet.”

Previously he has worked on the digital side of three Presidential races, having run all online operations for Texas Governor Rick Perry and Speaker Newt Gingrich’s 2012 campaigns. In 2014 Vincent was hired by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to oversee the digital operations for his Likud party’s successful campaign. Vincent spent over three years working with Ted Cruz, whom many have credited his successful use of the web as part of his incredible underdog win. Recently, Harris Media joined up with Rand Paul’s RAND PAC, with Vincent taking the role of chief digital strategist.

Vincent’s expertise goes beyond practical expertise into academia. When not on the campaign trail, Vincent is engaged in new media research while pursuing his PhD at the University of Texas in the Department of Government. His academic research is centered around citizens use of the web to engage governments and campaigns. Vincent’s work has been published in academic textbooks and he continues to write papers and articles on social media’s impact in the public space. His expertise stretches from practical application into academia where he is working towards a PhD at the University of Texas and is blessed to be guest faculty at Baylor University.

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Vincent majored in Religion at Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he met his wife Chelsea. A native Virginian, Vincent has adopted Texas, and enjoys listening to Texas Country music, floating down the Guadalupe, and going to Galveston Island. He is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Riverbend Church, and the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

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